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June 13, 2019

Ashley & Drew, absolute head over heels about each other, were planning a wedding for April 2018.
September 2017 would bring some family news that almost made our sweet couples wedding to a halt. Our sweet bride, Ashley’s grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. Our bride could even fathom her not being at her wedding.
She called me one day, to let me know they would be cancelling the wedding.  My heart was breaking for her and her family! My grandmother, Grams, is one of the most important people in my life, as is Ashley’s grandmother to her. With that said, I asked her, if there was a way to put something together for her, I would absolutely do it in a heart beat.  She decided then to move the entire wedding up, including the original guest count of 130 family and friends.

I called all of her vendors, that were already booked, told them of what had happened and my idea and they immediately jumped on board and move around their schedules to make it happen.  The one date we all had available… October 13, 2017.


We needed a new venue due to the unavailability of the previously booked venue. We contacted and toured several venues, until we found and contacted All 4 One Farms. It was perfect! We toured the venue and we all fell in love!

Myself, Ashley, Drew, & the brides’ parents met for breakfast one morning, did a planning cram session, and went over every detail.  Fast forward to the wedding day… It was perfect! Everything that our sweet Bride and Groom had ever wanted for their wedding. The whole evening was perfect!!
The best moments of the night were seeing our Bride and Groom smiling, having the best time of their life. Enjoying their friends and family and knowing that one of the most important people in our couples lives were able to share it with them!

This is why we do what we do!

We couldn’t be more happy for our sweet bride and groom! Congratulations, Ashley + Drew!



Christina Burghart & Her Amazing Team!

Venue: All 4 One Farms
Photographer: The Veil Wedding Photography
Florals: Parker & Co. Florals and Design
Cake: Sweet by Holly
Caterer: Mojo’s BBQ
Bartenders: The Perfect Pour
DJ: Check 1,2 with DJ Marvin


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