My Amazing Family

June 14, 2019

I met my husband, Karl, at lunch one day in our high school cafeteria. We have been together for 18 years and married for 9 years! As we grow older together and create new memories, we will always cherish when we were young. One of my favorite memories from back then, we would park my truck on his families’ property and lay in the bed, piled high with blankets and pillows while the crickets chirped and we watched the night sky for shooting stars, we did see a few, but there were so many stars twinkling that night that it was magical!  We talked about the future for hours it seemed. We have so many memories together, that it is hard to ever think of memories that we are not ever together. We are each others first loves and he was my first kiss. He stole my heart with those gorgeous green eyes! You could get lost in them!

We had a beautiful wedding at the King and Bear at the World Golf Village in St. Augustine. Our family and friends cheered, as we kissed for the first time as husband and wife. After some delicious food and cake, we danced the night away! It was The. Best. Day. Ever!

Or so we thought…

Fast forward, to 2012, We had tried for months and prayed for a child to share our journey with! We found out were expecting  (We were over the moon excited!) and made an appointment at the  OBGYN.

That appointment, forever changed our world! They turned the monitor around, showed us a very strong heartbeat, then, she paused, as were in awe, then BAM, She told us that there was another very strong heart beat. She said “Congratulations, you’re having, TWINS!!!”  We were so nervous, and felt so unprepared… We had never had any other children before them and all the sudden, God blessed us with two! In February 2013, We welcomed a sweet little girl, Mollie, and an handsome little man, Kolten, into our family! They have filled our hearts with so much joy and our halls with laughter, every single everyday!

We are a Taco eating, Snowboard loving, Road trip driving, Motorcross watching, Disney Annual Passholders, Christmas obsessed, Dance while we clean, Family. We cherish our family and friends with all of hearts and so blessed to have them in our lives!

I couldn’t imagine life without them and I am so blessed to call them, mine.





Thank you Sarah Hapner Photography for capturing my beautiful family!



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